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Vagina changes as your age passes

Does your Vagina Changes as You Age?

Everyone knows that as age passes, there will be crows feet, creaky joints and grey hair are a natural part of ageing. Even the vagina is no exception here. A woman must know what happens to your vagina as your age passes? 

Mrs Sarah Hussain, a Private London Gynaecologist, has more than 32 years of experience and is renowned in the field for her expertise. She says it is suitable for every woman to get prepared for the changes that occur to the vulva and vagina as the age passes. So every woman must take the necessary steps to make themselves more comfortable. In some situations, it helps to delay or prevent some of the changes that happen with age.

Around at the age of 50 years, menopause commonly begins in a woman. Perimenopause which can begin at 45 years of age which may be proven by heavy periods, short cycles or even irregular long cycles, mood swings, insomnia and irritability. All these symptoms are because of fluctuating hormone levels and a decline in the female hormone, estrogen, due to irregular ovulation. 

  • Notice Varicose veins: Women with pregnant will have varicose veins on the vulva because of weakened vein valves. 
  • Pelvic floor muscles get weak: As age passes, muscle wastage will naturally occur, which includes the muscles that support the pelvic floor. By that the pelvic floor strength decrease that supports the bladder, bowel and uterus, which can lead to issues like urinary incontinence, vaginal prolapse. 
  • Vulva appearance changes: As older, you get the estrogen level decreases, and the body loses fat and collagen. All this finally results in the skin and tissue of vulva and labia becomes thinner and look less plump. The labia become smaller and paler due to decreased blood flow to the area. It will be useful if you avoid harsh scrubs when washing the area to avoid aggravating the skin and assuring maximum comfort. 
  • Appearance of pubic hair changes: Hair on the head and also the pubic hair will become thin and becomes more sparse and even grey along with other bodily hair. 
  • Vagina feels like dry: Decline in estrogen level is responsible for many changes in the body which includes drier vagina and less lubrication during sex. This symptom is most related to menopause that causes irritating, itching or burning sensation. The dry vagina will impact on your sex life. Sex with a dry vagina will be painful. 
  • Frequent urinary tract infection: A decrease in the level of estrogen will result in the bladder atrophy that leads to recurrent disease infection, urgency and frequency of urination. 
  • More susceptible to vaginal infections: As age passes, hormonal changes will occur and goes through menopause which leads to atrophy of the vaginal wall and affects the delicate pH balance of the vagina. When it stops making good bacteria which fight off the harmful bacteria, this means the ecosystem of the vagina is changed, which leaves to more prone to vaginal infections like bacterial vaginosis. 

A woman suffering from the symptoms mentioned above can be benefitted from Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT. HRT can serve very effective relief from the symptoms by a simple and effective treatment that uses estrogen and progesterone. 

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