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Exercises that will aid your Recovery

Exercises that will aid your Recovery

It is not always possible to visit a doctor so why not know some basic exercises that will help you recover from the gynaecological problem? Let us know some practices that will help you be fit and avoid gynaecological problems

1)Mobility Exercise: Walk frequently, give your body as much as exercise, walk at least 1 km a day. This boosts your hormones and helps you recover quickly from any gynaecological issues.

2)Leg Exercises: These helps in increasing your blood circulation, stretch your feet in opposite directions for half an hour a day, Try doing squats that will help you stay fit to avoid the problem related to gynaecology

3)Breathing exercise: Breath deeply for at least one hour a day inhale and exhale deeply which helps in clearing your lungs and chest.

4)Pelvic Floor Exercise: These exercises help in muscle contraction which helps in avoiding urinary problems. Also, they are used to prevent the occurrence of pelvic organ prolapse.

5)Quad stretch Exercise: Put as much pressure as possible on your abdomen to increase the functioning of the body and to reduce unnecessary fat that can cause gynaecological problems

The above mentioned are some of the primary and simple exercises you need to follow to avoid the gynaecological issues. You can also maintain a proper diet along with these to have the best results and recovery quick.

For more details regarding the exercise, you can regularly follow during your recovery time, and you can consult an experienced consultant gynaecologist at Mygynae . Mrs Sarah Hussain will guide you in the best way. Schedule the appointment or contact us today.