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The field of Urogynecology (a subspecialty within Obstetrics and Gynecology) is dedicated to the treatment of women with pelvic floor disorders such as urinary or fecal incontinence and prolapse (bulging) of the vagina, bladder and/or the uterus.

Urinary-Incontinence (1)
Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence (UI) is loss of bladder control. Symptoms can range from mild leaking

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pelvic floor disorders
Pelvic floor disorders

Pelvic floor dysfunction refers to a wide range of issues that occur when muscles of pelvic floor

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Uterine & Vaginal Vault Prolapse

Uterine & Vaginal Vault Prolapse are different types of prolapse condition. Common Symptoms

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Vaginoplasty is rejuvenation of the vagina, it fix the problem of stretched vaginal muscles

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Painful Bladder Syndrome
Painful Bladder Syndrome

Painful Bladder Syndrome or Interstitial cystitis, is a chronic inflammatory

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