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Know more about hormones and the menstrual cycle

Know More about Hormones and the Menstrual Cycle

Hormones and The mensuration Cycle

Menstruation cycle lasts for 28 days in general. But due to hormones issue, it is common that the menstruation cycle continues for 21-40 days. Mensuration cycle is the time between the first day of the period and the first day of the next period. Let us know the various hormone changes during the period of mensuration cycle.

Menstrual phase:

This is during the 1-5 days of the menstruation cycle. You experience symptoms like period-related pain and bleeding. During this phase, the hormones are at a low level, and the support to the uterine lining is eliminated which leads to period.

Follicular Phase:

This is during the 6-14 days of the mensuration cycle.it is a time of period where you can feel good. During this phase the Oestrogen levels increase, developing the ovarian follicle.

Ovulation :

During the day 14, The Oestrogen levels are too high which leads to the rise in Luteinising hormone resulting in the releasing a mature egg. You can sometimes experience a clear discharge during this phase.

Luteal phase:

This is during the 14-28 days of the menstruation period. Here you can experience symptoms like breast tenderness, headaches, bloating depression with mood swings, anxiety, psychological issues etc. During this phase progesterone levels starts increasing after the ovulation and it starts reducing and the period will continue after the support is withdrawn, But if there is pregnancy, then the Progesterone level continues to stay high.

These are the symptoms you will observe during the different phases of your maturation cycle. You can also consider doing exercise and following diet balance to control the hormone changes that occur during the Mensuration cycle.

 From this information, you can understand how important MyGynae is to maintain proper hormone control. We are here to help regarding any queries or issues related to your menstrual cycle or  you can schedule the appointment or contact us for more details.